Our focus is the provision of legal services for school districts and other local governmental entities.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality legal service in an efficient manner, all the while staying accessible to our clients.

We have established a solid reputation for ourselves as a personal law firm that puts clients first and serves them with honesty and integrity. We believe our success is driven by a client-focused approach to the successful resolution of legal issues.

We manage each client’s interests as a team. We assign primary responsibility for each issue to the lawyer whose skills and experience may best achieve a successful outcome in a cost-effective manner. Nevertheless, we each stand ready to contribute our time and expertise, as needed, without compounding costs. This collaborative strategy works well for us, and our clients, and allows us to draw readily on those resources that will produce the best results. Public bodies which retain us, retain our entire firm at the cost of a single attorney.

Strong enough to litigate, yet dedicated to a proactive approach which sees the high cost of litigation as a last resort, we are firmly committed to managing risk and liability in the most cost effective manner. “An ounce of prevention is [without question] worth a pound of cure.” We would much rather avoid a costly problem with timely advice than address the consequences after-the-fact. To this end, we are dedicated to the education of our clients and we offer a full range of professional development opportunities and regular legal updates that we call Priority Briefings.

Our aim is simple: stay small enough to be accessible, stay accessible enough to be effective, stay effective enough to conserve public resources. We hope you will join us in our quest.